Growing up, most of us didn’t realize just how much our teachers did for us. Being a good teacher is truly a labor of love. They work long hours for little pay and many go above and beyond to help their students grow – whether academically or personally.

Unfortunately, most teachers will never know just how much they truly impacted their students’ lives. By the time most of us have realized just how special our teachers were, we’ve grown up and moved on.

Recently, though, a few teachers had the privilege of hearing how much of an impact they had on some of their students.

A Plus, an organization founded by actor Ashton Kutcher that “aspires to be a platform that will leverage viral storytelling to inspire positive change in the world,” invited several people into a studio to interview them about their favorite teachers.

What they didn’t know, though, was that those teachers were waiting just out of sight, listening to every word they said.

The result is truly inspiring, and you’ll probably want to grab a few tissues before you watch. The moment these teachers hear what their students truly thought of them is one they will never forget.

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