Lost stuffed animal goes on adventures

A lost stuffed animal is having the time of her life as a friend helps her look for her human.

On Saturday, May 29, 2021, Rosanna Taylor was in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. While approaching the Delta Air Lines gate E14, she spotted a lonely-looking little brown bundle of fluff. 

Sitting there as if “just chilling,” a little brown stuffed animal was all by itself. So, Taylor decided to ask the gate agent where the dog came from. 

Then, she learned someone had left behind the little dog wearing its pink bow, possibly the previous night. 

Surely, someone was missing their furry friend. So, Taylor decided to bring her along on her adventures. 

“The gate agent said she had been hanging out there for a couple of days so I decided to take her on an adventure. She is really enjoying her life traveling, but I bet her human is missing her.”

That same day, Taylor posted about the stuffed animal on Facebook. Perhaps, somebody online would know where she came from? 

Within five days, the lost stuffed animal post received over 5.1K shares, as everyone wants to see the dog reunited with her human.

Lost stuffed animal via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Life as a Flight Attendant and Rower

Fortunately, the lost stuffed animal would not be alone. Instead, she soon had a job as a flight attendant! The day after Taylor found her, she posted pictures of the “sweet girl” with the Gonzaga Women’s Rowing team. 

“She is really enjoying her life as a flight attendant and now Gonzaga Rower!” posted Taylor.

lost stuffed animal, Gonzaga Women's Rowing team
Image via Facebook

A Lost Stuffed Animal’s Adventures 

Then, on Monday, Taylor posted a photo showing her fluffy friend back on board a Delta flight. And, she had a seat all to herself.

lost stuffed animal
Image via Facebook

The same day, the little dog had a new friend. Sitting on a bench, she posed with a stuffed service dog wearing a red vest.

lost stuffed animal
Image via Facebook

Later that evening, the lost stuffed animal was enjoying a beautiful fountain overlooking a garden of geraniums and marigolds. It looks like this little dog will never have a moment of boredom with Taylor.

lost stuffed animal
image via Facebook

By Tuesday, the dog, still wearing her pink bow, was back on a flight and making a phone call.

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stuffed animal with phone and wearing mask
Image via Facebook

Following safety protocols, she wore a blue mask, taking pride in her new role as a flight attendant.

Most recently, Taylor shared a TikTok video of her fluffy friend. “Come Fly With Me,” by Frank Sinatra, makes the perfect song choice in the background.

“Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away 

Once I get you up there 

Where the air is rarified 

We’ll just glide Starry-eyed 

Once I get you up there 

I’ll be holding you so near 

You may hear 

Angels cheer, ’cause we’re together”

Hopefully, Taylor finds the person who lost their little stuffed animal. With so many people sharing the story, it’s probably just a matter of time. In the meantime, it looks like she’ll be up to more wonderful adventures. 

Below, enjoy the full Frank Sinatra song. Perhaps, we could all use an adventure now that things are getting back to semi-normal post-pandemic?

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Featured image: Screenshots via Facebook/Rosanna Taylor