Traditionally dogs and cats are seen as natural enemies, but that is not always the case. Animals have been known to make friends with the most unlikely of different species, and this is no exception.

In this video posted by the JoLinn Pet House, a pet store in Taipei, Taiwan, a kitten is caught going to great lengths to play with her neighboring puppy friend.

Understandably, these animals can get lonely sitting in their small pens, waiting to be adopted. This kitten and puppy were able to see each other through the glass, but couldn’t actually play together…that is, until the kitten decided to do something about it.

It took quite a bit of acrobatics, but the kitten made the impressive climb over her wall and into the neighboring pen. The puppy was overjoyed to have a friend to play with and could barely contain his excitement as his playmate made her great escape.

Click below to watch the adorable escape artist at work!

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