There is something so special about the bond that can form between an animal and a human, especially an animal that has been rescued and shown love.

Elephant Kham Lha was rescued, along with her mother Bai Teoy, by the Save Elephant Foundation last year.

The organization provides elephants with a safe place to roam free and form bonds. They have rescued over 70 elephants since their inception.

Since coming to the foundation, Kham Lha has formed a special bond with Save Elephant Foundation co-founder Darrick Johnson. In fact, he is one of her “favorite people ever.”

In a video that has since gone viral, Darrick is seen floating down a river near some of the elephants. He calls out to some people on shore, but when Kham Lha hears his calls she mistakes them for calls of distress.

Immediately the young elephant wades into the water and works her way over to where Darrick is, offering her trunk for him to hold onto as she guides him safely to shore.

It is so sweet to see the love shared between the two. Kham Lha knows that Darrick saved her life, and now she wants to return the favor.

Watch the sweet “rescue” by clicking on the video below:


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