Police officers have one of the toughest jobs around. Especially in this day and age, when there has been a lot of fear and anger between police and citizens, putting on that uniform every morning is very dangerous.

However, despite the danger, and even though they don’t get much recognition, police officers continue to suit up and head out to serve and protect our communities.

I’m sure whenever anyone does go out of their way to show support or respect for a cop, it does those officers a world of good. If nothing else, it does my heart good to see it!

That’s why I can’t stop watching this precious video sent to the Fort Worth Police Department by Jamie Hubbard.

Jamie was at a restaurant with her family when her son noticed an officer sitting by himself.

The young boy shyly walked up to the officer, and what he did next will absolutely melt your heart…

I bet the good feelings that cop got from that hug will stay with him for days to come!

If only more people would show this kind of love, care, and respect, our world would be a much better place.

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