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Facebook is a household name around the world these days, and it’s more unlikely for someone not to have a profile on the popular social media network. One result of Facebook’s popularity is the flood of unsolicited friend requests that we’re all too familiar with at this point. While I usually ignore these types of requests, there are plenty of people who don’t see the harm in it and accept these friend requests from strangers halfway across the globe.

Unfortunately, the internet is not always the most honest place, and the anonymity of a virtual existence has led to plenty of fakers and scammers out there. Do you recognize the lady in the photo below? She looks like a harmless, older lady of Indian origin. Innocent enough right?

It turns out that the name “Madhu Shah” is pretty popular on Facebook – there are somewhere between 27-35 different accounts on Facebook that use this exact name and photograph.

None of these accounts have any links or clues that could lead to a real person. The rest of the photos on most of these profiles are all various quotes and stock photos clearly pulled from Google. If that doesn’t sound super shady, I don’t know what does.

One user, Pawan Manghnani, even wrote his own post warning others not to accept requests from this woman.

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