There is something just so sweet and special about the relationship between animals and children. Perhaps it’s the innocence they share, but something about them creates a special bond that is unlike any other.

We see terrified rescue dogs instantly calm down when a child starts to pet them and children with anxiety disorders relax when their faithful companion is at hand. The bond they share is truly special.

That indescribable bond is on display once again in this sweet video of a little girl and her cat.

Little Larkin and her family’s pet cat, Howie, have a sweet friendship, so when Larkin saw Howie throw up recently she got very worried.

She immediately got down on the floor with him and began to comfort him. Thankfully her dad had his camera ready, because this is one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen!

It’s a little difficult to understand what the adorable tot is saying to Howie, but her mom, Jess Krueger Reiter, was kind enough to translate:

“It’s ok, Larkin’s right here,” she reassured her kitty over and over. Then she noticed her dad and told Howie, “Daddy’s taking a picture.”

Jess said Larkin and Howie are best buddies and cuddle together every day. What a precious friendship and a bond that will last the rest of their lives!

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