Abut a year-and-a-half ago, Kilee Brookbank was home alone and, unaware that there was a gas leak in her house, lit a candle. Immediately, a fireball overtook her and severely burned over 45 percent of her body.

Kilee was lucky to even be alive. She spent the next 38 days in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries, but her arms, legs, back, and torso are still covered with scars.

Understandably, the teen was self-conscious of her scars. “I never really thought I’d want to be in a dress again. I just didn’t think I’d be comfortable in my own body,” Kilee said.

However, with prom coming up, Kilee decided to be brave and show off the scars that are a part of her and her story.

The dress the teen chose was gorgeous – black and sparkly, sleeveless with a plunging mesh back. “I feel good about myself,” the teen said.

On the big night, Kilee’s boyfriend, Dylan, who has been with her throughout the entire ordeal, escorted her to the prom.

“She’s definitely the most beautiful girl here,” he said. “She’s one of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

Kilee’s resilience and bravery have obviously been an inspiration to her classmates. To cap off a wonderful evening, the inspiring teen was crowned Prom Queen.

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