This time of year is so special for so many reasons. It is a time that most of us get together with loved ones. It’s also a time full of generosity and joy.

For many kids, this is the time they start getting ready for Santa’s arrival. They’ve sent their Christmas lists to the North Pole and are trying their best to be good so Santa will bring them what they’ve asked for.

While most of us don’t believe in Santa anymore, there’s no denying that at least the spirit of what he represents lives on. The love, joy, and magic that we used to feel as we anticipated his arrival and discovered the presents under the tree are still alive and well during the Christmas season.

But don’t try telling Andy that there’s no Santa – he’s met him!

The 24-year-old has an extremely rare chromosomal disorder called 15q24 microdeletion which causes mild to moderate intellectual disability and delayed speech development as well as short stature, weak muscle tone, and skeletal abnormalities.

Life is not always easy for Andy, but he has not let that take away his joy.

Andy absolutely LOVES Santa, and he also loves Harley Davidson, so when his parents learned that Santa would be visiting the Harley Davidson store, they knew they had to take Andy to meet him.

The joy, wonder, and excitement on Andy’s face as he sees Santa and goes over to give him a huge hug is enough to make even the meanest grinch’s heart grow 10 sizes. This sweet video is exactly what we all need to see this holiday season!

“I think we could all benefit from a little more innocence and Christmas Joy!” Andy’s dad wrote when he shared the video, and hundreds of thousands of people around the world agree!

“Who wouldn’t want to be greeted like that?!?” Angie Denise asked. “Andy, I bet you give THE BEST hugs!!! I’d take one! And I agree, we can all use more innocence, joy and pureness of heart. Keep sharing it … it’s needed!!!”

“Lord, I held back the tears, can’t believe it,” Shea Briley Fisher said. “What beautiful joy and innocence. Thank you Jesus for those who just welcome our kids and show them compassion and love.”

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of getting things ready for the holidays that we forget to stop and reflect on everything this season represents. Let’s all follow Andy’s lead and let the joy and wonder of Christmas fill our hearts and lives!

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