The bond between a parent and child is incredibly special, but there is nothing like the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild. Grandparents get to spoil their grandchildren and always say “yes,” and their grandchildren adore them for it.

It can be hard when grandparents don’t live close to their grandchildren, but that just makes the time they do get to spend together all the more special.

Such was the case for this special grandpa and grandson.

The two of them have an incredibly special bond, but the grandfather lives in Germany while his daughter and grandson live in the States. Usually the grandparents would fly to the U.S. to visit every spring and fall, but this time they weren’t able to make it due to some health issues the grandpa was facing.

The family would talk on the phone together and both grandfather and grandson would always talk about how much they missed each other.

Wanting them to be able to see each other, the boy’s mother – with the help of her mom – decided to take a surprise trip to Germany so she could see her dad and the grandson and grandfather could be reunited.

The grandpa was taking a nap when they arrived, and his grandson decided to wake him up in a…special way. It took a second for the grandfather to figure out what was going on, but what happens next will melt your heart!


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