Couple Adam and Nikki were living a normal life in a normal home when they sat down and looked at their finances. By the end of each month, once they would pay their rent and their bills and pay for their basic needs, they found they had no extra money left over. Tired of the rat race and feeling like they weren’t truly enjoying their lives together, they decided they needed to make a change.

The couple, who live in the U.K., decided to give up their traditional 9-to-5 jobs. They spent $4,500 on an extra-large white Ford Transit Luton, which they found on eBay, and then spent the next year – and another $6,500 – converting the truck into an apartment they could live in.

Neither one of them had any building experience, but by watching instructional YouTube videos and figuring things out on their own they turned the truck into a home, complete with a kitchen, toilet, shower, windows, a bedroom, insulation, and even a porch.

The pair now plan to spend at least a year traveling across Europe in their mobile apartment, and they’re having so much fun they just might never return to their “normal” lives again!

Click below to take a tour of their cozy mobile home!


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