There are a lot of misconceptions that have been thrown around about people with Down syndrome. Some assume that those with Down syndrome can’t work or get educated or be in a healthy relationship. Others will talk to them like they are children, assuming they can’t understand, or even avoid talking to them at all.

While, for the most part, people mean well, their questions and comments can be demeaning and hurtful. BBC Three decided to give those with Down syndrome a platform where they could answer some of the questions they are tired of hearing and let their voices be heard. What they have to say is enlightening and will change the way you see those with Down syndrome.

In the video they talk about everything from love and relationships to jobs to their feelings about testing for Down syndrome in the womb, and what they have to say is something everyone should hear.


Perhaps one of the most powerful statements in the video comes from the mother of a baby with Down syndrome. She said that people often ask her, “Will she be able to do this? Will she be able to do that?” and she always replies, “Yeah, she’ll be able to do everything. It’s just we’ll take the scenic route… She can be anything she wants to be.”

Another comes from one of the young women who actually has Down syndrome herself. “I may have Down syndrome,” she said, “but without it I don’t think I’d really be me.”

It’s easy to see someone who looks different than us and put them in a box. Bravo to these smart, funny, hard-working, and wise individuals who refuse to let others dictate their lives!

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