Ask most 6-year-old girls what they want to do for their birthday and I’ll bet you hear answers like “princess party” or “pony rides.” Maybe a pool party or a trip to the beach.

But Armani Crew isn’t like most other six year olds.

When her parents asked how she would like to spend her birthday this year, the young Chicago girl told them that more than anything she wanted to spend her birthday helping other people.

When the big day arrived Armani spent the lunch hour standing behind a table that was almost too tall for her serving lunch to the homeless in her area.

People were lined up down the block on that chilly Chicago day to get a hot meal and say happy birthday to the sweet young girl!

Armani and her family also put together care packages that they handed out to people as they came through the line.

People couldn’t believe the selflessness and compassion that was already evident in one so young.

One thing’s for sure – Armani is one very special young lady, and we’re sure she has a bright future ahead of her!

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