When this mom heard a weird noise coming from the kitchen she decided to investigate. The noise sounded suspiciously similar to the sound of whipped cream being squirted out of a can, so she assumed one of her kids was trying to sneak a sweet treat before dinner.

Prepared to give one of her children a good talking to, she could not believe what she found when she turned the corner! Click below to see it for yourself!

Source: Dog eats whipped cream straight from the canister by CaseyOfficer on Rumble

When she saw the family dog sitting on the floor squirting whipped cream into his mouth, she couldn’t hold back her laughter! It was hard to be upset when she was more impressed that the smart pooch had actually figured out how to use the whipped cream can!

It looks like this mom has some puppy trouble on her hands, but something tells me she doesn’t mind!

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