This precious little girl had been having a rough night. She had been sleeping when she got sick and threw up in her bed.

Thankfully her mom heard her cries and rushed into the room to comfort her.

Mom decided that she should probably give her little girl a bath to clean her up and help calm her down, so she filled up the sink and let her daughter relax in the soothing water for a little bit.

Even though it was the middle of the night and she was exhausted, the moment was just too sweet not to capture, so Mom grabbed her camera and started filming.

At first the video just shows the little girl sitting contentedly in the sink while her mom coos comfortingly to her, but then something happens that catches both of them by surprise…

Click below to see it for yourself:


Whether the baby started crying because she was so surprised or because of the stink we can’t be sure, but parents everywhere will recognize this as just one of the funny moments of childhood that will be laughed about and cherished for years to come.

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Editor’s note: The mom in this video wanted to make sure people knew the faucet over the sink was broken and very difficult to turn on. Her baby was in no danger of scalding herself with the water.