Anyone who has ever brought a pet home knows the immense joys those precious animals can bring. They bring light and laughter for their whole lives, but those first few days are especially fun as everything is new and exciting and you are getting to know each other.

Shan Benson got to experience this firsthand when she brought home these two tiny, adorable puppies. Her family immediately took to them, especially her son Jack.

But that joy and excitement wouldn’t last for long. Just three days after Shan brought the puppies home the family got some devastating news. Jack had been diagnosed with cancer.

Heartbroken over her son, Shan thought she might need to return the puppies as Jack would soon be starting his chemo treatment. “But we didn’t,” she said. “We knew the puppies would bring joy to my older twin boys and to my son going through treatment.”

It didn’t take long for Shan to know she had made the right decision.

As Jack grew sicker and weaker, he would ask to have the puppies sleep with him. One morning, Shan walked into Jack’s room while he was still asleep, and what she found made her heart melt.

“My heart grew full when I saw this,” she wrote.

As anyone who has spent any time around animals knows, they seem to have an acute awareness of when a person needs some comfort or help. Even though these puppies hadn’t been around Jack for too long, they knew just what he needed and they were going to be right by his side through the entire difficult journey ahead.

Shan’s story was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page on Tuesday, and the proud mom happily wrote an update to her original post.

“Our family is delighted to also share that Jack (featured in this post) is now a TWO TIME Cancer Survivor and is living and loving life to the fullest with his two puppies,” she wrote. “Thank you for the kind works and prayers.”

So many people have been touched by Shan and Jack’s sweet story and have written to show their support.

Kyra Hartley said she had been looking for an update on Jack and was so glad to hear the happy news.

“I was scrolling through the comments in hopes of an update on Jack,” she wrote. “A TWO TIME survivor?? That is absolutely amazing!”

“What a beautiful world we live in when we hear heartfelt stories like this,” wrote Carol Hopper. “Thank you and continued good health to Jack and his sweet puppies.”

We are so happy to hear that Jack is doing so well – he is a fighter! And we know these sweet puppies will be there for him no matter what comes him way in the future!

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