When 28-year-old Brian Justin Crum took the stage at America’s Got Talent, he told the judges he wants to be a singer. But, as a writer for USA Today so appropriately put it, “man-oh-man, he already is one.”

Crum chose to do a cover of “Somebody To Love” by Queen, a notoriously difficult and complex song. He started out quiet and soulful, but very quickly the full power of his voice shone through.

Many people have done covers of this popular song, but I’ve never heard anyone do it quite like this. Crum’s version may even rival the original! It was clear the lyrics really meant something to him, and he conveyed the emotion of the song impeccably.

Before Crum had finished, the entire crowd – including all four judges – was on their feet cheering. We can’t wait to hear what he does next!

Check out Crum’s powerful performance by clicking on the video below:

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