When Michael Mitchell arrived at the airport after a long trip, he was excited to see his family and get home. When he walked through the exit, he was greeted by a big party excited to see him.

Michael hugged his wife and kids and was ready to go when she told him to read the back of his youngest son’s shirt.

He did, but then continued to greet the others who had come to see him, not fully comprehending what the shirt meant.

All of a sudden he stopped, the reality of the situation hitting him.

His reaction was even better than what his family could have hoped for!

Click below to find out what the big news was and see his priceless reaction for yourself!

Though it took the jet lagged dad a few seconds to figure out what was going on, once he realized his wife was pregnant he could not have been more thrilled!

We wish this growing family all the best as they welcome a new little one into their clan!

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