Tragedies bring a lot of pain and heartache, but they also have another side to them that can often get neglected. In the face of tragedy, we see the human spirit rise up and people show incredible kindness and compassion to those in need.

As a Florida resident, I have been so touched by the outpouring of generosity and support that has come to us from all over the country. Truckloads of volunteers and supplies have made their way here and workmen have come from every corner of this great country to lend a hand as we try to get back on our feet.

Millions of people lost power after Hurricane Irma swept through, and many are still without it. Linemen have been working long hours and in dangerous conditions to get the power back up and running.

As they worked one night, some of the linemen noticed a line of women growing nearby. The women chatted with each other and shared stories as they watched the men work.

Finally, one of the linemen asked what all of those women were standing in line for, and the answer he got left him stunned.

Jennifer Taylor Koukos, who had joined the women that night, told him the women were waiting to be given laundry. They knew the linemen had come from all over the place, leaving the comforts of their homes and families, and they wanted to give back in whatever way they could.

Doing a load of laundry may seem like a small thing, but to these men, sweaty and weary, it was an incredible blessing.

“You gotta be kidding me!” the man said to Jennifer in disbelief.

In the midst of dark times, we like to look for the light that is still shining through. Kind acts like this may not seem like much, but when humans unite together to do good, there is no end to what they can do and the impact they can make!

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