If you’ve ever watched a young child learning to ski you will come to understand one thing very quickly – children are fearless. They don’t have the doubts or questions or life experiences adults have that hold them back from giving it their all.

Another things kids are are great imitators. Parents have to be careful what they say and do around their children because sooner or later their kids will be repeating those things back!

Lucky pedestrians were able to see both of these things in action recently when they stopped to watch a street performer in Galway, Ireland, and were treated to so much more.

Emma O’Sullivan is an Irish dance teacher and performer who has even won the All-Ireland Sean-Nós Dancing title. Sometimes she likes to take her talents to the streets and delight passersby with her incredible dances.

On this particular day, though, there was one audience member who couldn’t stand just watching. As Emma danced a little girl broke away from the crowd and started to dance next to her.

It was clear that she had been watching Emma’s moves closely and she did her best to emulate them.

Emma was happy to have another dancer in the spotlight with her, and she smiled at the young girl as she showed her some new moves to try out. At one point Emma even copied the little girl’s moves!

The crowd was delighted by the adorable duet, and a video captured of the sweet moment has since gone viral.

Emma shared the video on her Facebook page, writing, “the sheer buzz of town wasn’t enticing enough; it’s moments like this that keep me coming back for more each day. Such a happy and important time sharing dance with teeny tots and future stars!”

See the video for yourself by clicking below!


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