Being a mom is a hard task. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a single mom, or even a mother of royals!

While it would be easy to think that the Duchess of Cambridge has it all together and has an army of servants at her beck and call who could make motherhood a snap, even she admits that motherhood is not always as easy as she makes it look.

Kate recently spoke about this while introducing the Out of the Blue film series, a documentary that is working to inform people about the importance of mental health, especially in regards to pregnancy and the early years of parenthood.

She admitted that motherhood has, at times, been “a huge challenge” for her. Her goal is to take away the stigma for mothers of admitting they are having a difficult time so they can get the help they need.

Motherhood, she said, “is full of complex emotions of joy, exhaustion, love and worry, all mixed together. Your fundamental identity changes overnight. You go from thinking of yourself as primarily an individual to suddenly being a mother, first and foremost.”

She said that she has also experienced a “lack of confidence” and “feelings of ignorance” when it comes to raising her children, George, 3, and Charlotte, who is almost 2.

She urged parents who are feeling lost, isolated, or depressed to seek help. While parenting will always have its challenges, no parent should feel like they are drowning and unable to experience the joys of being a mom or dad.

Kate reiterated that it is “a real sign of strength” to ask for help. She hopes her efforts will encourage more parents to get the help they need so they can be the best parents – and humans – they can be.

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