In an interview with KHON2 News, Beth Chapman, the wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman, the star of Dog the Bounty Hunter, continues to amaze us with her story of strength and courage as she battles cancer. She recently gave an update to her battle.

“I am feeling pretty good now,” Beth revealed. “Being back home is a lot better for me. It’s high stress right now. It’s a lot of stress, but honestly, local living is a de-stressor. It doesn’t matter what I’ve been through, I can step out onto my porch and breathe.”

Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer in September 2017. After her first surgery, she was deemed cancer-free, but cancer came back about a year later. In November 2018, she was rushed to the hospital and told it had returned. So she had a second surgery. The doctors removed the tumor but she’s still receiving treatment.

She’s not letting any of this get her down and even welcomed her first great-grandchild last month.

“I get to see the beautiful ocean and know that the people in the mainland only have four hours a day to call me and bother me,” she laughed mischievously from their home in Hawaii. “So, life is good. It’s okay. I value every single day, I can tell you that. And you know, even though the outlook is grim, I don’t want to live it like that.”

She shared treatment details.

“There [are] lots of treatments out there. Some are more harmful than others, some are going to work better than others. And a lot of that stuff is not available here, so I have to travel outside of Hawaii to get some of the experimental treatments that are going on across the country so that’s a little bit of what we will be doing. We’re looking for something, you know?”

However, in typical Beth fashion, she is thinking of her family, not herself.

“I just don’t wanna be that person who lets their children watch them die at their bedside like that. It’s just really out of character. So for the last four days, I’ve been chasing bad guys on the big island and I didn’t even notice I was sick.”

And she’s also thinking about her fans as she shares this inspiring message with us.

“Don’t worry about me, my fans,” she affirmed. “I’m a fighter. I’m a strong fighter. I’m a big-time survivor. And I am going to fight this as vigorously as it is fighting me. That’s all we can do.”

And by the way, she does NOT want us to go shave our heads to support her!

“Don’t anybody go out and shave their heads, please, in my honor. Please don’t do that.”

Currently, the Chapmans are searching for the perfect storefront so that they can sell their merchandise in a brick and mortar store.

All images via Instagram