Erika, a kind woman in Oklahoma, noticed a stray dog who had been roaming around her neighborhood. She put food and water out on the porch of an abandoned house where the bedraggled pup had been spending time, but was unable to get close enough to catch her.

She took a photo of the sad-looking dog, named Blossom, and posted it online.

Image Credit: WOOF Pet Rescue of Woodward, Oklahoma

Image Credit: WOOF Pet Rescue of Woodward, Oklahoma

Thankfully, the team at WOOF Pet Rescue of Woodward, Oklahoma, was able to step in and catch Blossom so she could get the care and attention she needed.

At first the sweet dog was terrified of human contact, but after the staff at WOOF showed her some love and affection, she started to warm up to her rescuers. Astonishingly, just 24 hours after her rescue, she allowed some of the members of the team to bathe her – probably her first bath ever – sitting perfectly calm and still the entire time.

As Blossom’s story got out, WOOF started to get lots of requests from people who wanted updates on how she was doing.

Less than a month after coming to the rescue shelter, Sarah and Gary, who had helped with Blossom’s initial rescue, decided to adopt her and take her home.


Image Credit: Woof Pet Rescue of Woodward Oklahoma

Blossom is now happy and healthy and living in her forever home with a family who loves her and will never leave her.

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