There are few things we love better than watching surprise pregnancy announcements. The creative ways couples come up with to make the big announcement, the looks of confusion – and then realization – as the news sinks in, and the joy and excitement that abound just warm our hearts!

This announcement is no exception! When Ashley Embry found out she was going to have a baby, she wanted to tell her mom, Wendy Hertzog, in a special way. She decided to make up some of her own special Mad Gabs cards and use them to break the news.

Mad Gabs is a game where a person has to read a card which is seemingly full of jibberish, and then figure out what the real saying is.

Ashley created a card which read, “eye mag own abbey aground mow there.” While the words don’t seem to make any sense, if you kind-of slur them together you get the phrase, “I’m going to be a grandmother.”

At first Wendy couldn’t figure the card out and wanted to pass on her turn, but finally the words sank in, and her reaction is simply priceless…

There’s no question this little baby is going to be very loved by his or her grandmother! What a special memory for this family that they can hold onto for the rest of their lives!

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