When Derrick Culpepper got the job of doing his daughter, Linda’s, hair before school one morning, he decided to film it. Now that video is going viral, and for the most adorable reason.

As Derrick worked to brush Linda’s hair into pigtails, the little girl offered her advice and encouragement, telling him how good of a job he was doing.

“Baby, thank you so much, you’re so encouraging to dad,” he told her.

Derrick said Linda’s affirmations aren’t unusual. “She does it to mom as well because that’s the way we are around home,” he said, “we encourage each other and build each other up.”

“In this house we are real,” he added. “We give hugs, we love, we have fun, and we give second chances. This is just how we live and how we raise our kids to be encouraging to one another.”

The entire interaction is so sweet we just can’t get enough! Click below to see it for yourself!


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