Cory & Kristen Williams have gained themselves some internet fame with the videos they post to their YouTube account of their adventures in the wilds of Alaska. The Alaskan wilderness has provided them with many opportunities to get up close and personal with some really amazing animals!

Such was the case when they spotted a moose and her baby in their backyard one day. The curious baby came right up next to their house and they were having fun getting some incredible closeups of the adorable animal.

Then Cory remembered something he had heard about baby moose loving sprinklers. He waited until the moose had walked away a bit and then ran outside to turn the sprinkler on and see if they would come back.

He wasn’t disappointed! Soon the mom and baby returned, and the little moose curiously walked up to the moving sprinkler.

All of a sudden it was as if a switch had flipped – that little moose went crazy running through the sprinkler and sliding across the wet grass!

It turns out moose love sprinklers because they love cold weather, so when the temperatures rise a bit in Alaska in the summer the water cools them off!

Thankfully the Williams were able to capture the little moose’s frolicking on camera! Click below to see it for yourself. (You can skip ahead to 3:49 if you just want to see the sprinkler part.):


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