Life has been a whirlwind recently for 10-year-old Jaiden Huffman, but in the best of ways. The young singer is proving that if you work hard and aim high, you just might make your dreams come true.

Things haven’t been easy for Jaiden. She was diagnosed with ocular albinism, and her sight is so poor that she will never be able to see most things.

But just because she can’t see doesn’t mean she can’t sing, and this girl has the voice of an angel!

Jaiden has always dreamed of being a professional singer like her idol Carrie Underwood, and she has been posting videos of herself doing covers of different songs on YouTube.


That’s when she caught the attention of singing duo Maddie & Tae who invited the youngster to come sing with them.

It was a moment Jaiden will never forget!


Jaiden has continued to blow people away with her beautiful and mature voice, and she was even invited to perform in Nashville during the Country Music Awards!

When you hear this girl sing you know she deserves everything she is getting! Jaiden isn’t willing to let her disability or life’s challenges hold her back. Her talent and fortitude are an inspiration to us all!

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