It was the scariest moment of 15-year-old Doyin Oladipupo’s life. She was home alone when robbers broke into her house.

Quickly, the terrified teen ran upstairs into her parent’s room and hid in the back of their closet. Then she called 911.

Thankfully, 12-year-veteran dispatcher Angie Rivera was on the other end of the line. As a mother, Angie knew just what to do to keep Doyin calm as she called for help.

“I tried to whisper as much as I could,” Angie said later. “When you’re talking to a child, the mother in me comes out.”

With a calm, reassuring voice, Angie asked Doyin questions about the situation. As they spoke, though, the intruders got closer, and at one point Angie could clearly hear their voices through the phone.

That’s when she came up with a brilliant idea.

“Okay, don’t talk,” she said. Then she asked Doyin “yes” and “no” questions and instructed the teen to tap her answers into the phone.

Thankfully, police arrived quickly and were able to catch the burglars as they fled.

Angie stayed on the phone with Doyin the whole time, up until police found her still hunched over in the closet hiding.

Thanks to Angie, Doyin made it through the terrifying situation unscathed. Angie has since been hailed a hero in her town – we know Doyin will forever see her that way!


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