Dogs are truly amazing animals. They have a sort of sixth sense about them that lets them sense when things are wrong before humans can, and they are unfailingly loyal and loving.

There are so many amazing stories of dogs who rescued humans or acted heroically in a scary situation, but this one has got to be near the top of the list!

Three-year-old Victoria and her Queensland Heeler Blue were best buds. One evening Victoria couldn’t find the dog and, thinking he had run away, snuck outside to find him.

When her parents noticed she was missing they panicked. For 15 hours they, along with rescue teams and others in their rural Arizona town, scoured the area looking for the little girl.

Finally a helicopter spotted Victoria lying in a dry creek bed. Right by her side was her faithful companion Blue, who had somehow found her and stayed by her all night long as temperatures dropped below freezing.

When the medics first tried to rescue Victoria Blue wouldn’t let them approach, thinking they were there to harm her. But when Victoria stood up and smiled at the rescue team Blue finally relaxed and let them take the two of them to a helicopter which flew them to safety.

Victoria did suffer some frostbite, but besides that she was unharmed, thanks to her trusty companion.

The sheriff’s office spokesman said Blue “kept her alert, warm and gave her companionship throughout a very cold night.”

Victoria’s family will be forever grateful to Blue, and we know he and Victoria will share a special bond for the rest of their lives!


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