Three-year-old Lenny-George Jones was home with his dad, Mark, when Mark suddenly collapsed and fell to the floor. Despite his young age, the quick-thinking toddler worked fast and ended up saving his dad’s life.

Mark has Type 1 diabetes and has to take insulin four times a day. On this particular night Lenny’s mom, Emma, had left the two of them at home for about half an hour while she went to help her mom, who lives a two-minute drive away.

While she was gone, Mark’s sugars dropped and he collapsed to the kitchen floor.

Though his parents had never sat him down to explain Mark’s situation or tell him what to do if something like this ever happened, Lenny somehow instinctively knew that his dad needed some food, and fast.

He pulled his small blue chair over to the fridge and grabbed two yogurts out, which he then force-fed to his dad. He also managed to get Mark’s glucose tablets.

When Emma got home she found her husband and son lying on the couch. She noticed Mark didn’t look very well and asked what was going on.

“Lenny just turned to me and said, ‘I saved daddy,'” she recalled, “and Mark said it was true, he had.”

If Lenny hadn’t gotten the food into Mark his dad would likely have fallen into a diabetic coma.

“He saved his life,” Emma said. “It could’ve been a completely different scenario if he’d been in bed or Lenny hadn’t done what he did.”

Lenny’s grateful parents couldn’t be prouder of their son and are amazed that their mischievous little boy somehow knew just what to do.

“Lenny is a proper character, really funny,” Emma said. “It’s incredible what he’s done, and how he knew to do it. We are so proud!”

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