Not very many people get to meet their great-grandparents. Unfortunately, most have already passed on by the time that next generation arrives. That’s why when a great-grandparent actually has the opportunity to meet their great-grandchild it is so special.

When Susan and Jason Zwolak welcomed little Easton into the world, they couldn’t wait for him to meet his great-grandfather, 105-year-old Pop. Just five days after he was born they took Easton for the big meet, and Pop was immediately overcome with love for the little guy.

At first, though, he told them he couldn’t hold Easton. When they asked why not he told them, “I might drop him.” But after they assured him he wouldn’t hurt the baby, Pop held out his arms for Easton, and his reaction when he holds his brand new great-grandson for the first time will melt your heart!

We don’t want to spoil it for you – click below to see the heartwarming moment for yourself!

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