Approximately 500,000 children live in the foster care system in the United States. The majority of whom are in Arizona. Many of these families don’t make any distinction between their biological and foster children. They’re great folks who love each child equally and without regard for whether the children are their blood or not. Some, though, like this mother in the video below, shows a blatant disregard for their foster children; using the money given them by the government for other things than caring for these children who need so much.

In this video, a family of three sit down for lunch at the Sugar Bowl, a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have mother, Angela, foster child Emma and Angela’s biological son, Xavier. It doesn’t take fellow patrons long to notice how poorly Angela treats Emma while she holds her own son on a pedestal. She denies the girl the same delicious foods she allows her son. But when Emma asks for an ice cream sundae, Angela unleashes a despicable tirade in the girl’s face.

“He’s my real son, and you’re my foster kid,” she tells Emma. “I only get a certain amount of money from the government, and I’m not spending it on you.”

Angela says her only job is to raise her children. She’s so horrible and cruel; she says to Xavier if they don’t allow Emma the things she wants, she’ll get him an iPad. The mother even threatens to put Emma back into the foster care system if she doesn’t follow her ridiculous rules.

Things get quite emotional when the trio move to the counter. Thankfully, the children and woman aren’t a real family but actors participating in a social experiment for the popular TV show, What Would You Do? The customers aren’t actors; they aren’t aware their reactions to the obvious abuse they’re witnessing are being recorded by hidden cameras.

The video really gets good when a man seated beside Emma pipes up. Fair warning: You’ll need your tissues.