Rosie moved into her new home –  one of a group of six lovely terrace houses. The dwellings are connected by a path accessible to everyone that runs through each back garden. Almost immediately after she settled into her new home, Rosie began finding flower petals appearing on her back porch. This was a daily occurrence; her porch took on quite a romantic look.

She didn’t know what to make of the sweet gifts. Who was her attentive admirer?

Willow is a cat who belongs to one of Rosie’s neighbors. It turns out; she’s the generous culprit bringing her the fragrant blossoms.

Rosie was ecstatic the day she caught Willow leaping into her garden carrying a petal in her mouth. The sweet girl stole flowers from her own human’s garden and was giving them to Rosie! What a sweet lady.

Rosie and Willow met and became close friends almost straightaway. Willow treats every home on the shared path as her own. Rosie and the neighbors don’t mind. Everyone leaves special treats for the cuddly kitty. Rosie leaves her glass doors open so the cat can come indoors and nap in her hallway.

Willow’s visits have become habitual; if Rosie leaves the doors closed, she’ll paw at them and meow until she’s let inside.

Willow and Rosie’s bond has grown so much the two will snuggle for a nap on the couch; of course, the cunning feline has her own spot scoped out. Willow continues to offer her thanks and love by still bringing Rosie flowers.

Don’t believe me? Check out this endearing video below. What a cool cat, little Willow!