Sometimes, all we need is help, a little intervention to get us back on track. We might face difficulties and feel uninspired or have low self-esteem; it could take a reminder from an old friend, a nudge to make us realize our self-worth once more.

Those facing problems with addiction struggle with other issues. They might have to endure homelessness. Left to beg and panhandle on the streets to support their habit is how they get by. It’s a rough life, not leaving much time for hoping for a better life. They’re so weighted down with their addiction and that cycle, getting out seems impossible. This was the way of life for Patrick Hinga from Kenya.







Patrick’s issues with addiction started years ago; he was expelled from school. His life continued on a downward spiral into homelessness and drug addiction.

One day, in the corner of the street Patrick cultivated for himself, a former classmate, Wanja Mwaura found him.

She began to just to talk with him. Patrick expressed his desire to leave his life on the streets behind and start over new and fresh. Wanja immediately checked Patrick into a rehab center. She used social media to find donations and support. She’s even helped him start his own business, a place called Hinga’s store.








Patrick’s transformation from homeless addict to entrepreneur is incredible: “I feel like I am a new man.”








“I pray daily, asking God to deliver me so that I am not pulled back to that life of drugs.”

His fellow countrypeople have found inspiration from Patrick’s success story. He’s a positive role model for those in a country with a growing drug problem.

Patrick is proof that with a little help from an old friend and other folks with good hearts, it’s never too late to turn your life around.