Some people just love surprises. I am not ashamed to say that I am not one of those people. My inner control freak demands to know, within its ability, everything that is going to happen, how it will happen, when it will happen, and if possible, why it is happening. As strange as it may sound to most of you, I even Google movies and TV shows before I watch them to get myself familiar with the detailed spoilers! I know — crazy, right? I just can’t help it. The anticipation makes me go bonkers.

Considering that I am not able to sit through a movie without knowing its ending, I highly doubt I would ever be able to go through a pregnancy with no idea of my baby’s gender, as a lot of people choose to do.

I envy those who are able to keep it a surprise. Waiting, by choice, requires a great deal of patience and faith that I am just not equipped with.

The couple in the video below made a decision to keep things unknown for the birth of their 6th child. As soon as the wife gives birth and doctors tell them the gender, the father completely freaks out!

It’s important to know that this family currently has five daughters.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!!” “Oh my God, I love it! ” “Yeah, baby! I got a boy!” These were just a few of his exclamations in the delivery room. He was overjoyed that he started feeling lightheaded and had to take a seat. Judging by his reaction, I think dad was ready for a change.

It is the most exciting thing to see. This baby boy has been born into such a welcoming family that it is beyond thrilled to have him.

After watching this beautiful video, I can actually say I understand the joy in waiting, and I’m so happy that doing so worked out on this father’s favor. No preexisting knowledge would have outweighed the complete elation of that first moment he laid eyes on his surprise son. Congratulations, mom, dad, and big sisters!