The day of Tunicia and Raleigh’s wedding was one to remember, like any wedding that is. This couple however, didn’t know that shortly 30 days after being married tragedy would strike.

Tunicia was rushed to the hospital, just 30 days after being married to her husband because she had a severe headache which turned out to be so much more.

It turns out that Tunicia was having a brain aneurysm and her brain was starting to hemorrhage. Her memory was starting to slip away. She had no idea who she even was or how old she was. And sadly, she didn’t even know that Raleigh was her husband.

At this point being by her side for two days, Raleigh knew that he needed to act upon this.

His wife had a 50/50 chance of recovering her memory, or losing it for good.

What her husband did, is incredible.

Raleigh decided to gather 1,000 wedding pictures and plaster his wife’s hospital room with them all over the walls to show their love and remind her of who she was and who she really is.

It even started to work, and she began to ask him questions where she started to remember bits and pieces.

It’s a true miracle, but Tunicia completely recovered, and it’s due to her husband and his idea to bring back some memories.

Family and loved ones are so important when it comes to recovering from anything regarding memory loss and brain damage.

Watch the video below for more of this incredible story!

H/T Little Things