There are ramifications to our poor choices and payoffs for the good ones. The path we choose to take is totally up to us. Depending on the severity of the offense, it can be either comical or sad when people make decisions under the impression that they will escape the consequences, but actually end up getting exactly what they deserve.

A Facebook page called “Newsflare” recently posted a surveillance video that depicts a man receiving a very unfortunate backlash.

The tape starts off showing a tall white gate that is secured by a padlock. We then see a man approach with something in his hand that appears to be a crowbar.

He proceeds to use the tool to yank the gate open from the bottom. At first, he is unsuccessful in his attempts. The gate just seems too sturdy to be manipulated by his prying.

But then…

Something beyond what we anticipated happened, and oh how I would have hated to be him in that moment!

No, a dog didn’t come and attack him. The owner of the property whose gate he was attempting to break didn’t catch him in the act. A police officer didn’t tap him on the shoulder and put him in handcuffs.

While all of those outcomes would have been a pretty fair punishment, he had to learn his lesson a much heavier way…

To his dismay, the connecting gate buckled and the three tall units toppled onto him, one of them landing right on his leg. When the man stood up to try to escape, he discovered that his leg was broken. He could not even run away from the scene – he had to use the crowbar as a cane!

There is an old saying for situations like this: “The chickens have come home to roost.” Certainly, he hoped this would end differently. Fortunately for the owners of the property, it didn’t.

Even still, we hope the man’s leg gets the healing it needs and that he has genuinely learned from this mistake.

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