There’s no love like the love between a grandparent and their grandchildren. Scotland woman Jen Barclay recently made a video collage of how her 87-year-old grandfather, Robert, reacts every time he opens the door and sees her when she comes to visit.


“I try to visit him once a week,” Jennifer Barclay toldGood Morning America. “On a normal visit, we have a cup of tea and a catch up. I just filmed him because I loved his reaction to seeing me.”

Watch this heartwarming video.

Jen’s grandfather lives with her grandmother. Robert and his wife have been married for 60 years. Jen says that she “loves them both unconditionally.”


Twitter loved the video, with many people sharing their own stories of love between them and their grandparents. One person said this:

“This makes me miss my grandparents in a good way. Not to mention makes me thankful for all the times I was able to visit with them.

A grandparent’s smile is a special thing. The way they light up when they see you is hard to put into words other than magical.”

Another Twitter user noticed Robert’s totally cool sweater collection, saying:

“His sweater collection, though.”

The video has gone viral, with eight million views on Twitter.


Jen recently created an Instagram account called @the.grandad.diaries.

This Twitter user said it best:

“Hello, honeybun.” Says it all. He loves you. Over and over and over. Best thing ever.”