Is there any more “adulting” experience for a teen than getting their first job? Not only do newly employed teens feel grown up when they go to work that first day, but they also enjoy the cash that they suddenly have in their pockets. More money for cool new clothes and going out for fun time for friends.

For an Elk Grove, California teen, the accomplishment was no less sweet. Though Julia  Hock has Down syndrome, not much holds her back. She’s a varsity cheerleader and helps run the little league snack shop’s concession stand. She’s a busy young lady.

But like any teen, she wanted to get a real job. One that pays money. Julia set her sights on her local Chick-fil-A. With the help of her friends and school guidance counselor, Julia began to prepare for that nerve-wracking first job interview.

17-Year-Old Receives First Job Offer

"I'm Hired!" Watch as this sweetheart receives her first job offer at one of our favorite food joints.??? Chick-fil-A

Posted by LightWorkers on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

In addition to the coaching she received from friends, family, and her guidance counselor, Julia received unsolicited recommendation letters from many of her classmates at school, Julia’s mom, Kerri Bass Hock, said. And perhaps the most important thing for a teen girl: fashion advice and a ride to the interview.

And a couple of other kids helped her choose outfits and drove her to the interview.

Kerri Hock believes her daughter is perfectly suited to being a cheerful Chick-fil-A employee.

She’s very friendly and very sociable. The person that loves the unlovable.

It should surprise no one, considering her qualifications, but Julia got the job! Here she is in her uniform.

Watch this video of Julia getting the call that told her “you’re hired!”

From her mother’s Facebook:

Julia Hock is a working woman! After two interviews, lots of interview practice with her teachers, and team of her friends helping her pick outfits and putting in a good word-Juj was hired. So proud of our girl!”

Regardless of individual challenges, all teenagers share so many of the same traits, and Julia is no different.

Welcome to the world of adulting, Julia!