Michelle Miner’s best friend is his cow Audri. And now the Iowa boy and his cow have one of the most heartwarming photos ever! In this the photo, these two are seen taking a nap at the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show.


Okay, we’ve seen a lot of pictures of animals and their human friends, but this one is definitely something special. The story behind this incredible photo will bring tears to your eyes. We all know that people and animals share a very special bond, and that’s the perfect way to describe the friendship between Audri and Mitchell.


The two pals didn’t have a lot of luck when it came to bringing home the blue ribbon this year, but they definitely won over all of our hearts with this photo. Even CBS News and Fox News were fascinated by their story.


It took weeks for Mitchell and Audri to prepare for the contest. They would go on to wake up at 3 am in the morning to spend their days getting ready for the big event.


According to Des Moines Register, the boy and his cow have been getting ready for weeks. Audri wound up taking the 5th place out of 7 other animals, and she really needed a nap. Apparently, so did Mitchell!



As the photo quickly went viral, and people could not contain their emotions. Growing up on a farm is a daily challenge, and Mitchell knows it best.


Farm animals need to be clipped, bathed, walked, and fed. Farmers spend most of their day taking care of their animals and creating a beautiful bond in the process.


While a few critics had a word or two to say about Mitchell’s photo, his Dad was quick to defend him. He explained how taking care of livestock requires more effort than most jobs in the world.


It’s clear that Mitchell and his family are taking very good care of their animals, and now everyone can see their deep commitment. This was a beautiful moment captured on camera.


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