Any parent who has ever served in the military knows that special horrible kind of pain that comes from walking away from their families knowing they may never come back. Adults understand why soldiers do what they do, but for kids, it’s harder. When the parents go away, all most kids want is for their soldier parent to come home, the sooner the better.

A little boy named Xander in Pittsburgh had one Christmas wish this holiday season: that his dad come home. His aunt, Jadin Hart, tweeted this heartwarming video clip with the caption:

“My nephew got to unwrap the only Christmas gift he asked for a few days early and his reaction broke my heart.”

Jadin, it broke out hearts, too. Watching that little boy cry as he held his courageous daddy is gut-wrenching. But we’re so happy that this sweet little boy got his Christmas wish.

Twitter users were fighting back their own tears after watching the video. Indeed, many weren’t even bothering to wipe the tears away, the clip was so heartwarming.

U.K. talk show host James Corden shared his own experience as the child of a soldier.

“When my dad came back from serving in the gulf war I held him so tight as he walked off the coach at the base. I couldn’t let go.I remember it like it was yesterday. This brought it all back .Thoughts are with every family missing loved ones this Christmas.”

Another user shared that she felt the same way after her dad returned from “every tour.” Imagine a child having to endure this not once but over and over.

Soldiers give up everything to serve. We don’t always see a happy story, but we’re sure glad Xander and his dad got this most precious Christmas wish together.