Animal rescuers from Hope For Paws arrived to find a senior Shar-Pei laying on the concrete, breathing heavily and injured. A concerned citizen had called when the dog showed up at an industrial lot.

The dog’s heavily wrinkled face was normal for the Shar-Pei breed, but it was swollen and he couldn’t even see or smell the cheeseburger that was offered to him.

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Posted by Hope For Paws on Wednesday, May 30, 2018


They would find out that he was suffering from life-threatening pneumonia, and that he had lived outdoors his entire life, where he was regularly abused.

Neighborhood kids threw firecrackers at him, causing him to run away from home on a regular basis, and nobody defended the poor dog.

Loreta Frankonyte easily placed the “Lucky Leash” on the dog and dubbed him, “Wally.” Although the big friendly dog was easy enough to rescue, there was a legal issue.

“When Loreta Frankonyte and I found him, we knew we were facing a problem. LEGALLY, we have to return a dog to their owners if he is microchipped… it’s just the law.”

They called the owner, who became defensive and vulgar when they asked why Wally was roaming the streets, suffering from pneumonia.

“I don’t appreciate you implying that I am not a good owner,” she said.

After a heated conversation, they were relieved when she said:

“I don’t want the old dog anyway!”

One of the rescuers, Eldad, expressed his relief:


Soon, Wally was receiving the best of medical care and through another animal adoption organization, Lionel’s Legacy, a senior dog rescue group, he found the perfect forever home.

Even better, he would go to live with a new girlfriend named Bunny.

Wally and his new girlfriend, Bunny

Wally and his new girlfriend, Bunny

Watch his wonderful transformation from homeless and abused on the street to a loving home with Bunny in the Hope For Paws video below.

The non-profit welcomes donations as little as $5 dollars so that they can continue to deliver stray animals from the streets and into loving forever homes.

See the video below:

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube