One white kitten named Blanquis is smarter than her owners thought. She’s less than a year old, but she knows what it means to pay it forward.

Blanquis’s owner, Yessica Rodriguez, found the abandoned kitty on the streets near her home in Altamira, Mexico. The little kitty’s eyes were still closed. Yessica knew the poor thing needed tending to. So last December, she took her home and gave her the love she needed.

As Yessica prepared to leave for work one day, her husband called to her with an exciting announcement. “He said, ‘You have to come down here,'” Rodriguez told The Dodo. “‘Your kitten has an animal on her back!’”

What did he say? She was more than a little confused. Sure enough, when she rushed to his side, this is what she discovered.

“Much to my surprise, it was a baby opossum,” Rodriguez said.

Yessica doesn’t know how Blanquis found the baby opossum. The little guy needed a parental figure. Blanquis allowed the animal to climb on her back. She then carried him to her home.

“I know that this is how their mother transports them,” Rodriguez said. “Blanquis brought him to me.”

Yessica and her husband reached out to a wildlife expert. They would care for the opossum until they’d give him over for expert care. Until then, Blanquis is more than happy to fill in for the little guy’s mother. The motherly cat can’t feed her adopted opossum herself, but she dotes on him as if he were her own.

“She licks at him as if it’s nothing,” Rodriguez said. “It’s very emotional seeing her loving  other animals.”

Yessica believes Blanquis’s actions are paying it forward. She’s continuing the circle of love started when she was adopted.

“It feels to me like a token of appreciation. It is very tender,” Rodriguez said. “We love  Blanquis very much. She is very special.”

Indeed she is. I wonder how Blanquis will react when it’s time for her to part with the opossum. We’ll just have to wait and see.