When the temperatures around the country start to increase, it is a well-known fact that Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes will start to show their faces once again. Rattlesnakes are not something that you want to mess with, simply because their bite can turn fatal. Molly Deluca was one of the lucky ones thanks to a special helping hand.

Seven-year-old Molly, who lives in Tampa, Florida, was playing in her backyard on a typical beautiful day. That was when the deadly rattlesnake appeared. Molly, being as young as she is, didn’t really know what to do in such situation, but thankfully her German shepherd, Haus, came to her rescue.

Molly’s mother, Donya, witnessed the whole event from just a few feet away, telling reporters that Haus went at the rattlesnake three different times before it slithered away. What they didn’t realize at first, though, was that Haus was bitten three different times.

The dog’s leg was bleeding pretty badly and had visible bite marks. With no hesitation, the family quickly rushed Haus to the vet, hoping they could treat him with anti-venom. The vet did just that, though the medicine did affect Haus’ kidney’s slightly. Luckily, the family got him help quickly, and he is now on the road to recovery.

Amazingly, just two months before this incident, the family had actually rescued Haus from a dog shelter. He and Molly quickly developed a strong bond, which ultimately led to him risking his life for her.

How precious!

After Haus’ treatments, the family set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the $28,000 in veterinary bills they had to pay. The family was completely overjoyed when they actually received $52,000 in only four days. They plan to donate the rest of the money to dog rescue shelters and charities.

Check out this video of the amazing hero!