Honeycake is an orange tabby at who didn’t have an easy life growing up. The poor kitty was thrown out of a moving car by his previous owner.

Thankfully, the sweet kitty was saved by a kind stranger who took him to an animal shelter.

After he arrived at the shelter, honeycake received medical treatment and care. However, they had a deadline in which the ginger kitty needed to be adopted by.

Fortunately, Michigan Cat Rescue heard about Honeycake’s plight and rushed to the shelter. They brought the tabby over to their shelter, so he could get the second chance he so richly deserved.

Once at Michigan Cat Rescue, Honeycake remained with rescuers in hopes that one day someone would come by and take him to his forever home.

And after a long wait, his dream came true on November 12.

That’s when a nurse named Renee saw Honeycake at the shelter and instantly fell in love. Later she decided to adopt the ginger kitty and renamed him, Finnegan.

For his part, Finnegan seemed as taken by his new owner as he just could not stop showering her with licks and hugging her with sweet kitty kisses of affection. He immediately snuggled up to her and licked Renee all over her face as if to say, “You are my human now!”

Sadly, although Finnegan finally managed to find his forever home, his time there may be cut short due to health complications involving his heart. However, that doesn’t stop Renee and Finnegan from building an unbreakable bond with what time the feline has left to live.

Honeycake (now known as Finnegan) is SO HAPPY in his new home! He was adopted about a month ago into a great home❤He came to our rescue because he was thrown out of a car while he was inside a garbage bag.HAPPY ENDINGS are what we are all about in Michigan Cat Rescue❤❤❤

Posted by Michigan Cat Rescue on Sunday, December 25, 2016