Dogs that wind up in shelters can have a tough time finding homes, even under the best of circumstances. But that’s especially true for a breed like Pit bulls, which still can get a bad rap. Multiply that by two for an inseparable closely-bonded pair of dogs from Tucson, Arizona. However, these two lovebirds beat the odds, capturing thousands of hearts in the process.

The Pima County Animal Care Center shared the picture of Agatha, 2, and almost 2-year-old Jukebox. It was a case of love at first sight when they met at the shelter. They acted as though they had known each other all their lives, cuddling together on a small bed although they had plenty of room.

Nikki Reck, a communications specialist at Pima County said the dogs became fast friends.

“They end up wanting to hang out together. Which we think is kind of adorable.”

The shelter shared an adorable picture of Jukebox and Agatha cuddling together on a little bed, and the cuteness overload went viral, shared over 12 thousand times at the time of this writing.

Long stay PACC dogs Agatha (A621109) and Jukebox (A669457) giving each other some love and comfort last night❤️ help us find these two a home ❤️

Posted by Pima Animal Care Center on Sunday, July 14, 2019


Jukebox, 64 pounds, arrived at the shelter as a stray in May, while Agatha, 67 pounds, was surrendered to the shelter a month later. Her owners were unable to keep her anymore. Although they both fell on bad luck, they found comfort in each other’s company.

Finding a home can be a challenge for two dogs at once, but the rescuers realized that the tightly-bonded pair would do best if they stayed together.

“We’d like to find them a home together because they just really, really love each other’s presence. We have so many staffers and volunteers who walk by their kennel and say they’re in various forms of giving affection. And they’re often cuddled up together on this tiny bed. And they’re big dogs, and they share it,” said Reck.


Agatha and Jukebox are hoping this will be their day. Can you help us find these two best friends a home together? They’re inseparable.

Posted by Pima Animal Care Center on Friday, July 19, 2019

The caring staff could see that the dogs were exceptionally bright and well trained. They just needed to find a home with enough room for both of them.

“They’re pretty easy-going, these are easy dogs. They’re smart. I just discovered in the matter of minutes here that they know several tricks, they like to perform, they’re easily motivated by food – which is a good thing when you’re trying to train a dog. They’re already house-broken so that’s half the battle,” said Reck.

To find as many dogs as possible a forever home, PACC hosted “Midnight Mutt-ness,” staying open until midnight on a late July Friday. They generously waived all fees except for a paltry $20 per dog.

See Jukebox and Agatha’s story from KGUN9:


UPDATE: The great news – PACC shared an update that the puppy duo found a forever home, sharing a video to their Facebook page on July 29th. The pair will live out their days in comfort together.

There are constantly many more dogs like Agatha and Jukebox looking for forever homes in your area.


Adopted together

Remember that post earlier this month about the bonded pair that likes to cuddle up on the small bed? Thanks to YOU sharing their story, Agatha and Jukebox now have a forever home, together!

Posted by Pima Animal Care Center on Monday, July 29, 2019

Featured image: Screenshots via Facebook, Pima County Animal Care Center