It’s a sad reality that many dogs suffering from ailments, disabilities, and who are staying in shelters don’t always find their perfect forever home.

Unfortunately for these animals, many people looking to adopt a dog are looking for younger, more healthy K9s. Which means they will usually pass over disabled dogs.

Lunita is a dog who thought she had finally found a kind, loving forever home with a family that would care for her.

And they did for quite some time until one-day everything changed.

Lunita found herself dumped on the street, tied up outside a local shop in Argentina.

The reasons why her owners didn’t want to care for Lunita anymore was because she became paralyzed.

Not only was she paralyzed, but she could no longer use her legs to do her “business.” This meant she had to wear diapers which the owners also left next to the dog when they abandoned her.

They instead choose to abandon the pup and left her in the street with a broken wheelchair. These folks didn’t want to bother with her anymore, believing that the dog should be someone else’s problem.

Lunita had done nothing to be treated this way and deserted in such a cruel manner. No animal, disabled or not, deserves that.

One local passerby noticed Lunita, and they wanted to ensure that the dog was going to be okay. So, they took her to the local veterinarian clinic. There, the doctor helped Lunita and gave her a brand new wheelchair.

And now that she has a working wheelchair, Lunita’s returned back to life. Plus, the people who rescued her decided to find her a new family who will love the pup forever.


One family expressed interest in adopting Lunita, but they were forced to return her to the shelter.

However, when people from the shelter put Lunita’s story online, it got a tremendous response.

Everyone felt the dog’s pain and felt outraged about the cruel circumstances of her situation.

Soon Lunita finally got the forever home she deserves. Plus, the good folks from Eddie’s Wheels gave Lunita a sweet, brand-new wheelchair so she can motor around and keep up with her new family.

Recently, Lunita celebrated her 11th birthday, and then she fell ill. Sadly, she did not recover and soon after passed away.

Lunita’s owner said in a Facebook post that she loved her with all her heart and that Lunita forever profoundly changed her life.

Lunita was fortunate to find something that too many animals and humans never find in life.

A loving family.

Here’s a video telling Lunita’s incredible story.