A father was on the way to pick up his daughter at his ex-wife’s home when he got the worst call of his life. His beloved daughter Arina was in the hospital intensive care unit.

Senad Kardasevic rushed to be by his daughter’s side, only to find out that her injuries were fatal. After two days in a hospital, he shared a final moment with Arina, kissing her goodbye and crying as she stopped breathing.

“Goodbye, my darling daughter.”

Senad Kardasevic says goodbye to his darling daughter Arina

Senad Kardasevic says goodbye to his darling daughter Arina

Senad Kardasevic and his family in better days

Senad Kardasevic with Arina in better days

There was nothing Kardasevic could do except watch his daughter pass away as she lay wrapped in bandages, hooked up to tubes and machines.

Then the reality of what happened sunk in. Arina had come home from her mother’s house with strange bruises before. Kardasevic suspected Arina was murdered by her own mother and her new live-in lover.

Sanda Alibabic with Mirzan Jakupi

Mother Sanda Alibabic with her boyfriend, Mirzan Jakupi

A year earlier, mother Sanda Alibabic had decided to leave her husband and moved in with her boyfriend, Mirzan Jakupi. Arina would go and live in the new couple’s blended family.

Soon after the move, Kardasevic noticed mysterious bruising on his daughter’s skin. He suspected the worst, contacting social services but after their inspection, they could not conclude Arina was a victim of abuse. The concerned father had no choice but to allow Arina to continue living with his mother.

Then one horrifying day he got the phone call that would only give him a few more moments to spend with Arina in this life.

The call came after Sanda Alibabic called 911, claiming that Arina’s injuries were the result of running into a radiator. Doctors drew other conclusions: Arina was beaten brutally to death. They alerted police, who arrested the couple soon afterward. Both were charged with causing Arina’s injuries.

The girl’s body was covered in bruises. She had broken bones and her face was swollen.

Arina Kardasevic

Arina Kardasevic via Facebook

According to the Slovenian Press Agency, Sanda Alibabic and Mirzan Jakupi each face over two decades in prison after they were found guilty of criminal acts that led to Arina’s death. The list of charges included neglect and cruelty, and a number of bodily harm charges.

Although we often take for granted that mothers give unconditional love to their kids, there are cases where that is sadly far from the truth. If you suspect a child may have been abused, it’s best to speak up, before it’s too late.

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