Prom is one of the nights in your four years of high school that should be the most memorable. For girls, it’s all about feeling beautiful and getting all dressed up to have a good time with friends and loved ones. For one specific seventeen year-old girl, that wasn’t the case.

Tayja Jones was more than ready for her first prom experience. She wanted to feel beautiful and confident in herself, and have the perfect night. Once her date arrived and pictures were taken, she was off for a night that she was hoping would be one to remember.

That night after getting home, Tayja posted a picture to Facebook of her in her gorgeous dress, letting everyone know how good of a time she had and how great she felt about herself. It was the morning however, that changed everything for her.

The morning after Prom, Tayja’s friends informed her that her picture had gone viral, and not in the way that she would have wanted. People all over the country started attacking her for her dress! Making rude comments on the post or sharing it around claiming that she was “too fat” for the dress she was wearing.

Tayja was later interviewed by Fox News where she put her thoughts put about the incident, taking a stand against bullies an giving advice to others who are constantly put down by others.

H/T Thoughtful Women