There are benefits to living in a small town. Sure, you’ll have curious neighbors, but they’ll also look after you when you need help. Unlike living in a larger city, living in a smaller town can afford you the opportunity to know all your neighbors. This isn’t always common for those who choose to make their homes in urban areas.

Growing up, I knew almost all of my neighbors; there were kids my age I played with, and my parents got along well with their parents.

All my memories of neighbors are associated with an older Italian couple who’d been together for decades. They treated my siblings, and I like we were their grandchildren. They fed us cookies and homemade treats when we’d visit. In return, my parents would do their yard work or other strenuous chores around their home.

That’s what you do for your friends. One chief deputy named Jason Bentley in Montoursville, Pennsylvania picked up an older citizen and gave him a ride to the hospital so he might visit his wife. She’d been taken to the ER earlier that day by EMS.

This is what the police department posted on their facebook page. “We were sent a picture of Deputy Chief Jason Bentley helping an elderly man into UPMC Susquehanna.

“The man’s wife went to the hospital a couple of hours earlier by ambulance for a medical emergency.

“The man didn’t have any friends or family in the area to help him go see her.”

“Deputy Chief Bentley picked him up at his home in Montoursville and gave him a ride to see her.”

We were sent a picture of Deputy Chief Bentley helping an elderly man into UPMC Susquehanna. The man's wife went to the…

Posted by Montoursville Police Department on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Shortly after the picture was taken, hospital staff arrived with a wheelchair for the husband. They wheeled him into the ER and placed him beside his wife’s bed.

Afterward, Bentley said, “This is a small town. We pretty much help everybody. Everybody knows everyone here.”

What a feeling of relief this husband must’ve experienced after reaching his wife’s bedside. I can’t imagine the panic and worry he must’ve gone through wondering how he was going to get to her. Thank goodness for kind folks.